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Commercial Actress Headshot
You want to show the world how competent you are and that you are different, right?
So don’t:
- Use a Selfie as a profile picture.
- Crop yourself out of wedding photos, even if you really rocked that stylish outfit.
- Procrastinate and keep using a 10-year old portrait.
You are saying you don’t take your brand serious.

But DO:
- Find a headshot photographer who knows how uncomfortable it is in front of a camera.
- Rest assured, EVERYONE feels various degrees vulnerability the moment a camera is pointed at them.
- Trust that even nervous entrepreneurs, pressured actors, and tots, tweens, teens (and their parents) feel relaxed, understood, and entertained at my headshot sessions.
- Laugh at my wide range of corny jokes.
- Enjoy yummy bubbly and/or water served during your session.
- Shake it up with your favorite tunes (Alexa! Play "....").
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Commercial Model Headshot
Commercial Actor Headshot
It doesn’t matter what your experience and comfort level is, we WILL get you at your best. Money back Guarantee!

It’s so easy.
1 - Press the blue "Ask Away!" button to contact me and talk about your tailored headshot session
2 - Shoot for around 1-3 hrs (30min for infants) at the studio or your office/home
3 - Receive your favorite best photos electronically the next day

Follow my Pinterest board for tips on styling for men, women, and the myth busting board Putting an End To Portrait Anxiety

See you soon!
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